Dairy Brick Problems and Repairs That Your Surfaces Will Need as They Age

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One of the most durable flooring materials used in commercial and industrial environments is dairy brick. It is used because it is affordable and easy to maintain. The only problem is that there will be problems with these surfaces as they age, and you will need to have the floors repaired. The following dairy brick repairs are some of the issues you may have to deal with as these surfaces age.

Repairing Damaged Grout—Grout is one of the problems that you will have to deal with when it comes to dairy brick. Sometimes, damage to the tile grouting can be where a lot of other problems start. Therefore, you want to inspect the tiles for issues with missing grout and damage that needs to be repaired. This is common around dairy brick floor drain grates, which may also need to be replaced or repaired when you fix the other problems.

Replacing Cracked Dairy Brick—Another issue with dairy brick is cracking. When the dairy brick tiles are cracked, the damaged pieces are going to need to be removed and replaced. To ensure that your dairy brick floors match, you should have some extra tiles set aside for maintenance and repairs whenever new floors are installed. If you are doing repairs in a smaller area, you can replace all these tiles and order extra materials to be set aside for future repairs.

Refitting Loose Dairy Brick—Sometimes, the problem with the dairy brick tiles is that they can work loose. This frequently happens in high-traffic areas and around tile floor drains. Therefore, some of the repairs that may need to be done to the dairy brick surface include refitting the tiles in the grout. This is done by carefully removing the tile and then resetting them in new grout.

Cleaning the Tile Grout to Remove Stains—Often, the issues with tiles are due to years of abuse and the stains that get embedded in the grout. Sometimes, the staining can also be present on the surface of the tiles. Therefore, part of the repair process may include cleaning the grout and dairy brick to remove stains. Once the cleaning is complete, you may want to have a sealant applied to the surface of the floors to protect them from damage.

These are some of the issues you may have to deal with as diary brick surfaces age. Contact a dairy brick repair service like Archway Brick and Tile for help dealing with these types of problems.