4 Different Home Flooring Selections

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To know your household, you have to know what kind of style elements you enjoy the most. The flooring is a matter that will really need your attention. Some people prefer hardwood or tile. Carpet is also a crowd-pleasing choice. Deciding what is right for your home will help you when you buy new flooring.

1. Hardwood flooring is traditional and luxurious

Hardwood is a step up from other flooring options because of its pure beauty. This flooring gives you as much as 80% ROI and can add 2.5% to your home sale price. Cherry, redwood, maple, oak, and birch are stunning choices.

Because hardwood floors are made with pure wood, they do not collect the dust and bacteria that you get with other floorings. This is safe for your pets and provides a perfect option if you have any kinds of allergies. After you get hardwood floors, you really never have to replace them again unless you want to. They are intended to last for several decades and it is hard to seriously damage them. In addition, you can easily clean these floors with a little bit of cleaning solution and they do not require much upkeep outside of that.

2. Carpet gives you versatility and room insulation

Carpets are reliable, easy to install, and can give you improvements in the R-value of home. In addition, carpet dampens the sound spread so that noise does not carry throughout your household. This is a safe type of flooring as well because it softens the blow if you happen to fall. Homeowners with allergies or respiratory problems should look for hypoallergenic carpets.

3. Vinyl flooring holds up against heavy foot traffic

If you need flooring for your bathroom or a kitchen, vinyl is a great option. This is a tough type of flooring that won't be harmed if you dirty it up or spill something. Vinyl floors also don't cost much and are an affordable option for many families.

4. Marble flooring is breathtaking and valuable

Investing in fresh marble floors really adds a lot of home value, but you also have to be careful not to scratch them up since they are fragile. Marble flooring is also a much costlier option; in addition, this flooring is higher maintenance and should be protected with insurance. But for many homeowners, the classic look is worth it.

You have so many flooring options to decorate your home. To learn more, visit a flooring company.