3 Hot Flooring Trends

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Whether you are replacing worn carpet, warped wood, or outdated tile, choosing a new flooring material suited to your needs and budget can be challenging. Fortunately, help is available for narrowing down the list of numerous options. With this guide, you will learn about a few trends currently growing in popularity for homeowners who want appealing and valuable floors.

Textured Wood

If you love the appeal, durability, and value of wood but do not want a traditional look for your new floors, consider textured hardwood. Textured hardwood floors are finished to add a bit of texture, or definition and distressing, to the floor's surface, creating a unique look that is becoming more and more popular.

One method of creating textured hardwood is wire brushing, which is the act of brushing the wood surface with a wire brush. Hand scraping is also an option for adding texture to hardwood floors. Hand scraping involves scraping the wood floors using a special tool that distresses the surface stain.

Reclaimed wood is also an option if you want textured wood. Wood that is reclaimed from old homes, barns, and buildings can be repurposed into your home's hardwood floors, giving your home a historical and even eco-friendly flooring option.

Carpet Tiles

When most people think of carpeting, they think of rolls of carpet that are rolled out and secured onto your underpadding. Today, there is a different carpeting option to consider. Carpet tiles are installed like how traditional tile is installed, except no grout is needed. The tiles are placed on top of the underpadding and secured in place like regular carpet. There is one major benefit of carpet tile – if an area is stained or worn, you can replace the tile instead of replacing the entire floor.

Carpet tiles are a great option for high-traffic, high-use areas of the home, such as the family room, a playroom, or even a child's bedroom.

Matte Tiles

Matte tiles are another trend to consider for your home. They look especially great in the bathroom, where the moisture content is higher. The softer finish works well with most design styles. Consider a matte charcoal tile for a modern bathroom or a matte beige or faux wood tile for a more traditional or rustic style of bathroom.

Matte-finish tiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes as well, so you can easily create the floors you want and need in your bathroom space.

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