Tips To Choosing Hardwood Floors For A Home With Canine Companions

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When you share a home with man's best friend, you'll need to make a few adaptations when it comes to home improvement projects. If you're considering hardwood floors for the home, you probably worry that your dog will damage them. The good news is, you can have hardwoods without your furry buddy destroying them. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you find and care for the hardwood floors in the home you share with your canine companion.

Choose Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring

When you're shopping for the flooring, you'll find finished and unfinished flooring. Although the unfinished flooring is usually cheaper to buy, you will have to invest in the finishing process after it is installed.

The pre-finished hardwood flooring may cost a bit more to buy initially, but the finish that the wood receives in the factory is far greater than the finish that you'd get if you did it after installation. Pre-finished flooring is typically finished with the addition of aluminum oxide flecks. This addition to the finish creates a stronger coating and will protect the flooring for longer. This flooring is also treated under UV lights to harden the finish and protect it even longer. This is the element that will protect the flooring from being scratched when your furry friend scurries about.

Color and Texture

There are so many colors and textures to choose from, but what you choose will determine how easy it is to see any damage that may occur from the dog's toenails. Choose lighter shades with lots of graining. The scratches will be much less noticeable.

As far as texture is concerned, the smoother the floor, the more easily the scratches and dents will be visible. Look for handscraped flooring. Not only will it hide the marks the dog may leave, but it brings in a great deal of warmth into the space.

Use Area Rugs

You know where your dog will visit and run most, so you can protect the hardwood floors by placing some area rugs around. Just remember to use an area rug pad underneath the rug. This will prevent it from sliding as your dog charges from one room to the next. If the rug slides, it can scratch the wood flooring underneath.

Talk with hardwood flooring services near you to learn more about choosing hardwood flooring that will be able to withstand the abuse that your canine companion will cause.