Why Choose Hardwood For A Rental Home?

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When you rent out your property to make money, your primary goal is to make the property easy to care for and beautiful. You want tenants to be able to enjoy their living space while creating flooring that you won't have to replace anytime soon.

Hardwood, or engineered hardwood, is a wise choice for flooring when you have a rental home. Here are reasons to consider this type of flooring for your rental house.

Hardwood is pet-friendly

For the most part, hardwood is a very durable and pet-friendly material. If you allow your rentals to be rented out to people who have pets, then you want flooring that is easy to clean and will last. Hardwood will not become as damaged by pet stains and odors as carpet or other flooring styles will, so long as the material is sealed and polished regularly.

Another way hardwood is pet-friendly is this: hardwood is hard to scratch. When pets run on the hardwood surface, claw marks and scratches that would show up in tile, linoleum, vinyl, and even carpet will not be as likely to be a problem with hardwood.

Hardwood is attractive

When you select hardwood for your rental home, you know you chose a flooring style you won't have to replace anytime soon. When carpet colors and patterns go out of style or the designs you have in other flooring choices are no longer available, you have to replace them with something else. This is not so with hardwood, as this material is known to be popular for a very long time.

It doesn't matter if you go with pine, cedar, maple, oak, or even engineered hardwood for your flooring choice. This attractive and timeless flooring option will please your renters and make your rental property appear more attractive than competing properties in your area.

Hardwood is long-lasting

When you take care of hardwood floors properly, the material will last for a very long time. Unlike carpet and other flooring styles, hardwood doesn't have to be replaced after just a few years. You can keep the same hardwood floors throughout the rental contracts of many tenants. All you need to do is have your hardwood flooring installation services done professionally, have your hardwood treated, cleaned, and sealed periodically, and keep the flooring from getting overly moist to keep it lasting a long time. Your hardwood specialist will help you select the right type of hardwood for your home so you can keep your renters happy.

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