How To Design A Texas-Themed Family Room

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If you are redecorating your family room with a Texas theme in mind, you have lots of choices. Think of wide open spaces, beautiful mountains, amazing wildflowers, and desserts that leave you breathless. Those things alone will probably inspire you to design a unique and attractive room. From the wall treatment to selecting hardwood flooring, here are some ideas that might help you to design a Texas-themed family room:

The Walls -

Starting with the walls will help you to start setting a Texas mood. Think of using the colors that are found in nature. For example, you could use light brown to represent the Texas dessert found near El Paso, Texas. You could select a periwinkle blue to represent the bluebonnets found in the Texas hill country and you could select light turquoise to represent the beaches found in Galveston.

  • Think of selecting your paint and then adding a Texas-style wallpaper as a border.
  • For example, choosing a border with things like boots and cowboy hats would be great.
  • Another idea is to stencil Texas stars around the top of the room and around the center of the room.

The Flooring - 

Consider selecting a hardwood floor for your family room. Hardwood floors are affordable and very easy to care for. Just run a dust mop over them to pick up things like fuzz and dirt and, when extra attention is needed, use a product that is specifically designed to make hardwood floors look like new.

  • Think of using rustic wood that takes you back to the Texas cowboy days.
  • If you want something more formal, think of using a dark, shiny wood.
  • If you want to do something super unique, consider stenciling a huge Texas star in the center of your family room.

The extras that you place in the room will be what it personality. Think of collecting pictures from cities like Dallas, San Antonio, and Lubbock and framing them for one wall. On another wall, put pictures of things like Texas ranches and longhorns. Combine them with pictures of your family dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls. Consider choosing leather or denim for your furniture. Think of selecting wooden end tables and a wooden coffee table that complements the hardwood you have chosen. And, for a final touch, think about stenciling words like Howdy Y'all! or Texas is heaven on earth on throw pillows that will go on your sofa.