Eco-Friendly Approaches To Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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If you have a hardwood floor and want to refinish it using eco-friendly methods, there are definitely options available to you. Here are some examples of how you can refinish your hardwood floors if want to be more eco-friendly about it.

Low VOC Oil

When you're preparing oil to use for the refinishing, it's a good idea to try to use something that has a low number of volatile organic compounds in it if you want to be eco-friendly. An example of an approach you can use for this is an oil-based polyurethane listed as low in VOCs.

Other Traditional Oil Alternatives

You can also use a more natural-based oil such as linseed, Jojoba oil, or Tung Oil. These are known to give you a good stain without the chemicals that could harm the environment.

Wood Replacement

If you're doing any kind of replacement before you do a full refinishing to fill in any cracks or gaps, there are several eco-friendly wood alternatives. For example, choosing a wood like bamboo or cedar is ideal. This is because these types of wood grow faster than other traditional types such as oak. That way, you'll be encouraging a more sustainable form of wood harvesting which will be good for the environment in the long term.

HEPA for Sanding

One thing that you're going to want to worry about during the sanding process that goes along with refinishing is the particles produced by the process. Many of these particles can be damaging to you personally and to the air if you aren't particularly careful. This is why an effective eco-friendly and safe method is to use a HEPA air filter.

These air filter types are officially approved by the government, and they are able to filter out particles that are much smaller than normal. That way, you won't miss any particles that might make it into the air and contaminate the local environment as might happen with a more standard air filter or if you just use fans.

This approach can also be very effective in helping out with fumes from oil. The more you filter it out, the less you have to worry about either safety or environmental concerns for particles or fumes. It's important to use real HEPA filters for this, however, since there are a lot of knock-offs. Real HEPA filters have to be replaced every few months. 

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