Installing Solid Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floor installation is a great project, and the addition of hardwood floors will add great value to your home. The job will take some time, but with the proper tools you'll move along quickly. Here are the steps to starting and completing the installation process. 

Tools and materials

Before you begin you'll want to have all of your tools and materials ready to go. First off, you'll need enough hardwood flooring to cover the entire room, as well as a flooring nailer, floor spacers, a pull bar and a rubber mallet. Additionally, you'll need to set up a circular saw with a floor blade for cutting any pieces that are too wide or too long to fit in your given space. 


Prior to laying the flooring, it's essential that you take the wood out of the box and let it acclimate to the room's temperature for a few days. This is necessary because wood expands and contracts depending on if it is hot or cold. Also, be sure to remove any baseboards from the room. Don't worry; you'll install them later when the flooring is in place. 

Install the flooring

For your first row, place floor spacers between the wall and the wood, and lay the pieces out along the longest wall in the room with the groove side of the flooring facing the wall. If you need to, cut the appropriate pieces of wood down to size so that they fit the length of the wall. When all the pieces are in place, use your floor nailer to secure them to the subfloor.  

Following the installation of the first row, continue on to the next row pushing the groove side of the next pieces of flooring into the tongue side of the pieces that were just installed. This will firmly lock the wood together and give your flooring strength. Also, in order to maximize the strength of the flooring, be sure to stagger the joints during installation. 

Once you've made your way across the entire surface of your floor, you will come to the last row. To install the last row, insert the groove side of the wood into the tongue side as normal and use your pull bar to help bring the pieces together firmly. Then use your nail gun to secure it to the subfloor as necessary.

Finish the job by wiping the floor clean and installing the baseboards back to the wall. 

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