Creating A Laundry Room? Why Tile Flooring Is A Perfect Choice

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Whether you are adding a new room to your home or finishing the basement, you may be planning to put in a laundry room. It is beneficial to have a dedicated space for doing laundry as it gives you room for hang drying, folding clothes, and storing everything you need to clean clothing. However, when you create such a room, you need to make a thorough plan beforehand, which involves choosing the flooring type.

Tile flooring can provide you with just what you need from floors in a laundry room.

Level Appliances

Even if you have uneven concrete or another type of flooring, you do not have to settle for unevenness, which is exactly what you want to avoid as a laundry room will have heavy appliances. Using a washing machine or dryer on a crooked surface will lead to excessive noise and other issues down the line.  Self-leveling underlayment is the solution you need and the first process you will take before installing tile.

Easy Cleaning

A laundry room will naturally collect a decent amount of dust and dirt particles as it is where you will bring all of your dirty clothes to wash. However, tile flooring is one of the easiest floors to maintain. When it comes to choosing between large and small tiles, you should opt for large ones for cleaning reasons. It makes the room look bigger, but it also leads to less cleaning because of less grouting.

As for standard cleaning, all you need to do is sweep daily and mop weekly. Just make sure to avoid straw brooms as you do not want to cause any unnecessary damage to your tile flooring.

Low Absorption

Ceramic tile is waterproof, but porcelain tile does not allow for moisture penetration at all. Although you should always keep up with maintenance of your washer and dryer, you should set yourself up with a laundry room that can resist most or all damage caused by major water spills. By getting porcelain tile, as long as you respond to the spill quickly, you can avoid causing any damage to the laundry room.

Creating a laundry room is a large project to undertake with several important decisions involved, and the flooring that you choose can have a huge impact on your satisfaction with the outcome. By choosing ceramic or porcelain tile, you will enjoy long-lasting and highly resilient floors in your laundry room. To learn more, contact a home flooring dealer like Unique Flooring & Design