Design Considerations For Hardwood Flooring In Your Home

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Hardwood flooring is a luxurious addition that adds value to your home. However, you have many selections to make in your hardwood flooring, such as board width, type of hardwood and finish. Your choices affect the overall look of your home's décor. Select hardwood flooring that best complements your décor style.

Hardwood Types

There are many types of hardwoods used in flooring. Woods like oak and maple are some of the most common. If you want your flooring to offer a neutral profile, select one of the more common hardwoods.

Mahogany and Brazilian cherry are considered exotic woods. They are far pricier than the more common species. Likewise, they're not as durable. However, mahogany and Brazilian cherry floors feature a distinctive appearance. This type of flooring is appropriate if you don't mind trading off extra maintenance for the striking look of the exotic hardwoods.

Reclaimed hardwood is becoming a popular choice. Contractors harvest the wood from old barns and other wooden buildings. They use this as the material for a wood floor that offers timeworn charm. Since these floors often feature the dents and wormholes typical of aged wood, reclaimed hardwood is appropriate for more rustic styles.

Another eco-friendly option is bamboo flooring. While not technically a hardwood, bamboo flooring resembles a wood floor. Bamboo isn't as durable as regular hardwood, so it's not suitable for high-traffic areas.

Board Width

The width of the boards also affects how your floor looks. Typically you choose between strips or planks. Strips are less expensive and, therefore, more common. Strips are under three inches wide. Planks are at least three inches wide. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, planks show off the natural grain of the hardwood. More expensive, wide planks offer the antique look of aged wood floors. Modern homes are probably better off with strips, which tend to look more uniform.

Flooring Finish

Perhaps the biggest consideration that affects how your hardwood floor looks is the finish. Finishes range from translucent to opaque. They can simply accentuate the natural beauty of the wood or completely alter the look. The most neutral finish for hardwood flooring is probably a warm stain. However, if you've chosen a wood with a naturally beautiful grain, consider a clear finish. Ebonized hardwood is a finish that offers a more modern profile. The ebonizing process can allow the natural grain to show through, or it can be opaque black.

Whether you choose warm-stained oak strips or natural mahogany planks, your hardwood flooring increases the beauty and value of your home. Talk to a company like Kenmark Hardwood Floors Inc for more information.