Choosing The Right Carpet Fiber For Your Home

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Whether you're building a new home, or simply replacing the flooring in your new home, you probably have considered the use of carpet. Among the myriad of different types of flooring, carpeting is diverse in its own right. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of a few different carpeting types that you may wish to consider using in your home or even your place of business.


For those who are looking for carpeting on a budget, it would be hard to go wrong with polyester. It is markedly less expensive than many of the other fibers available on the market. Polyester is a synthetic material that is generally known as being quite resilient. It is difficult for stains to make a home in polyester and tends to fade very slowly. To make the fiber even more attractive to potential buyers, polyester is available in a wide range of style options and colors.


Wool was once the go-to fiber choice for many of those seeking out carpeting. You are probably more likely to see wool rugs rather than carpeting in this day and age. Although the use of wool seems to be far less frequent and not nearly as popular as it once was, wool can still make for a good carpeting option throughout your house. Wool offers a very distinct aesthetic quality, in addition to it being quite durable and resilient, but it is relatively expensive compared to other common carpeting fibers.


Olefin is an option that is similar to polyester, in many ways, although it does not enjoy the same name recognition. Both options are affordable fiber options that are both stain-resistant and do not easily fade, even when exposed to the elements.


Nylon is another very popular fiber type. Nylon is a bit more expensive than other synthetic fibers like olefin and polyester, but what it lacks in affordability (while still being markedly less expensive than wool), it makes up for in its ability to be both attractive and incredibly resistant to stains and fading. It also tends to retain its shape over the years and does not become flattened or "ironed out."

Choosing the right carpeting for your fiber can be a difficult task. Hopefully, over the course of this brief article, the task has become just a bit easier. Head to a local carpet store like Olden Paint & Fresh Look Flooring and peruse the options you have for yourself.