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Welcome to Garden Railroad Builders' Logs

03/09/12 | by Jon DeKeles [mail] | Categories: Main category

So what is It is the first, finest, and only web site dedicated to personal Blogs about Garden Trains. Here you will find individuals from all around the world telling you all about their Garden Railroads. GR=Garden Railroads - B=Builders’ - Logs=A record of events. It all equals

You can use the menu on the right side of the screen to select and view one of the many Garden Railroads that are listed at the site. You will find information on how people got started. Photos and videos of their railroads as they have grown. The best part is that you will find lots of information on the many projects they have built. See how to create roadbed and lay track. See how to build a building, a bridge, or a tunnel. See lots of photos online and see how to start or improve your Garden Railroad.

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GRBlogs software update

03/09/08 | by Jon DeKeles [mail] | Categories: Main category

We have update the GRBlogs software to the latest version. The update went well. With this version we have added more skins so your GRBlog can have a different look. Check them out.

What is a skin you ask? It is a template that lets your GRBlog look different from other GRBlogs. Each skin has different colors and a different layout. With this new software version we hope to introduce new skins each month. If you have any ideas of what you would like a new skin to look like let us know.


Training Videos Online

10/20/07 | by Jon DeKeles [mail] | Categories: Main category, GRBLOGS Help!

We have created some screen video capture videos that will help you learn how to use These are step-by-step videos that you can watch, stop, reverse and watch again. Our hope is that you can open these in a new browser window, then watch them and follow along in your browser to learn how to use the many features of the

-> Come watch the videos and learn.